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Angel’s Last Mission Love (8) 길게 얘기 안 할게요

#Drama Lines l 2022-10-24


정은: 여보세요.

Jung-eun: Hello?

강우: 정은 씨. 무대 다 봤죠?

길게 얘기 안 할게요. 정은 씨 투표는 이 전화로 하는 겁니다.

다섯 후보 중에 한 사람한테 투표 해주세요.

Kang-woo: Jung-eun. You’ve seen everything?

I won’t talk long. You’re going to vote through this phone.

You just need to vote for one person out of the five.

정은: 지금 이렇게요?

Jung-eun: Like this right now?

강우: 네. 이 전화 지금 다 같이 듣고 있어요.

근데 부담되면 안 해도 됩니다.

무기명투푠데, 정은 씨는 누굴 뽑았는지 모두가 알게 되니까요. 그냥 기권하면..

Kang-woo: Yes. Everyone’s listening to this call.

But, if it’s too much, you don’t have to do it.

It’s an anonymous vote, but everyone will know who you voted for. You can just abstain…

정은; 아뇨, 할게요. 인정해주신다면, 저 투표하겠습니다.

Jung-eun: No, I’ll do it. If you recognize it. I’ll vote.

Expression of the Week

길게 얘기 안 할게요 (I won’t talk long)

얘기 – short for 이야기

Casual – 길게 얘기 안 할게

Polite – 길게 얘기 안 할게요.

>> This expression is used by a speaker to say he or she will explain something briefly.

>>The expression can be used in various ways depending on the situation. For example, it can be used when the speaker is trying to keep it brief because of the lack of time, 

but also because he or she is in an argument and does not want to continue talking with the other person.

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