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Angel’s Last Mission Love (13) 씩씩하게 살 거야



연서: 참 이상해. 

김단이랑 같이 보낸 시간 고작 한 계절인데

왜 이렇게 다 텅 비어버린 거 같지? 

씩씩하게 살 거야. 그럴 건데

아주 가끔 너 생각하면서 울게. 

Yeon-seo: It’s weird. I’ve only spent one season with Kim Dan, but why does it feel like everything is empty? I’m going to go on living bravely. I am. But just sometimes, I’ll think of you and cry. 

Expression of the Week

씩씩하게 살거야 (I’m going to live bravely)

씩씩하게 – adv. form of 씩씩하다 which means lively ,spirited, energetic

Casual – 씩씩하게 살거야 

Polite – 씩씩하게 살거에요. 

>> This expression is used to indicate that the speaker may be in a difficult situation now, but they will not be swayed by it and will live their life to the fullest and persevere. 

>> In the dialogue, Yeon-seo is saying that although she is heartbroken because Dan is not there, she will continue to live strong and live her life to the fullest. 

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