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Young Lady & Gentleman (1) 왜 이렇게 삐딱선이야



수철: 단단아. 우리 한가족인데 니편 내편, 니 엄마 내 아빠, 그런 소리 하면 안 되는 거야. 그럼 엄마 속상해.

Soo-cheol: Dandan, we’re one family. You can’t talk about your side, my side, your mom, and my dad. That makes Mom upset. 

단단: 아빠는 내 마음 몰라.

Dandan: You don’t know what I’m going through.

수철: 우리 단단이가 사춘기가 왔나. 왜 이렇게 삐딱선이야.

Soo-cheol: Is my Dandan going through puberty? Why are you acting up?

Expression of the Week

왜 이렇게 삐딱선이야 (Why are you acting up)

삐딱하다 – adj. slanted, askew, tilted

Casual – 왜 이렇게 삐딱선이야 

>> “삐딱선” is a metaphoric expression referring to a state in which one’s mind thoughts and actions are not aligned, or slightly distorted. 

>>The expression can be used by a speaker to ask the hearer what’s wrong or show disapproval when the hearer’s words or actions are inappropriate. 

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