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Young Lady & Gentleman (5) 오늘만 날이냐?



대란: 조실장 엄마.

Dae-ran: Mr. Jo’s mom. 

기자: 조실장 엄마가 뭐냐. 그냥 편하게 이름 불러.

Ki-ja: What are you saying, “Mr. Jo’s mom.” Just call me by my name. 

대란: 그래 기자야. 나 우리 세련이한테 가봐야 하는데 어쩐다니?

Dae-ran: Okay, Ki-ja. I have to go visit Se-ryun, but what should I do. 

기자: 왜 딸한테 무슨 일 있어?

Ki-ja: Is there something wrong?

대란: 으...응. 

Dae-ran:: Erm…yeah. 

기자: 그래. 오늘만 날이냐? 우리 이제 옛날처럼 자주 보면 되지.

Ki-ja: 무슨 일인지 모르지만 얼른 가봐 얼른.

Today’s not the only day. We can see each other frequently like before. I don’t know what’s wrong but you should head over quickly. 

대란: 어 그래. 

Dae-ran: Alright. 

Expression of the Week

오늘만 날이냐 (Today’s not the only day)

-만 – postpositional particle used when limiting the field to one thing, excluding all the others

-냐 – sentence-final ending referring to a question in an addressee-lowering form

Casual – 오늘만 날이냐 

>> This expression is used to indicate that today is not the only day to do something.

>>”-냐” is a question form that is usually used in colloquial speech. It is only used for people of the same age or younger but not for superiors. It is similar to “-니” which sounds a bit softer.  

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