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When the Camellia Blooms (10) 천만다행이다



용식: 이것저것... 아, 이거는요, 그냥 혹시나 하는 차원에서...

This and that… Ah, this is just in case you need it…

동백: 하필이면 또 용식씨한테 다 뽀록이 났네요.

애 아빠에다가 치매 엄마에다가. 뭐 이렇게 난 맨날 걸려...

It had to be you that I get caught. The child’s dad and mom with Alzheimer’s…

Why do I always get caught… 

용식: 어휴, 저는요, 일절 신경을 안 써요.

Oh, I really don’t care at all. 

동백: 뭘 신경을 안 써요. 속으론 앗 뜨거, 그랬으면서.

속으로는 막 이 지뢰밭에 안 걸린 거 천만다행이다, 그랬겠죠.

What do you mean you don’t care. You probably said to yourself, “It’s hot!”

You probably thought, “Thank goodness I didn’t get caught in this minefield.” 

용식: 쓸데없는 소리 하실 거면요, 저짝 가서 마늘이나 까요.

 If you’re going to speak nonsense, go over there and peel some garlic. 

Expression of the Week

천만다행이다 (thank goodness)

천만다행이다 (thank goodness)

천만다행 – A state in which things turn out well due to an unexpected stroke of good luck.

Semi-polite/formal – 천만다행이에요

>> This phrase is used to say that something bad could have happened to the speaker if he/she hadn't been so lucky, and they’re really glad they were able to avoid it.

>>The expression is usually used to express relief.  

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