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When the Camellia Blooms (16) 왜 이렇게 속을 썩여?

#Drama Lines l 2023-07-17

동백: 너 왜 이렇게 벌써부터 엄마 속을 썩여? 너 사춘기 왔어?
Why are you hurting me so much already? Are you hitting puberty?  
필구: 엄마가 사춘기지! 엄마가 내 속을 썩이지!
You’re hitting puberty! You’re hurting me! 
동백: 아, 몰라. 엄마가 안 된다면 안 되는 거야.
I don’t know. If I say no, that’s a no. 
필구: 엄마는 엄마 마음만 있어? 내 마음도 있는 거지!
You only care about your feelings? What about my feelings? 
동백: 니 맘이 뭔데?!
What are your feelings? 
필구: 엄마는 나 낳을 때 내 마음 물어봤어?
아빠 없어도 되냐고 물어봤어?
용식이 아저씨랑 놀 때 내 맘 물어봤어? 친해도 되냐고 물어봤어?

Expression of the Week
왜 이렇게 속을 썩여? (Why are you hurting me)

속 - n. thoughts or feelings in the heart
썩이다 - v. To put another person's head or heart in a very difficult and painful condition with care or worry

Semi-polie/polie – 왜 이렇게 속을 썩여요 

>> This expression is used when the speaker is expressing distress because the other person is making them worried or making their life difficult. 
>>'속을 썩이다' means to cause a lot of trouble and make someone worry a lot. In the dialogue, Dong-baek is asking Pil-gu if he's hit puberty because he's been acting unusual and causing a lot of trouble for her. 

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