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When the Camellia Blooms (17) 무슨 상관이야


동백: 엄마, 죽지 마.
Don’t die, Mom.
정숙: 떠들지 말고 자.
Stop chatting and sleep.
동백: 그 콩팥인지 쓸갠지 그거 그냥 내거 떼 주면 되잖아.
That kidney or gallbladder or whatever. I can give you mine. 
정숙: 야!
동백: 뭐!
정숙: 내가 너 그 소리 할까봐 아주 오기 싫었다구.
키우지도 못한 딸년 그걸 떼 가느니 내가 접시 물에 코를 박고 말지!
I didn’t want to come because I thought you’d say that. 
I’d rather die than take something from a daughter I wasn’t even able to raise. 
동백: 그게 내 쓸개지, 엄마 쓸개야?
왜 내거를 내가 하겠다는데 엄마가 뭐라 그래? 무슨 상관이야
It’s my gallbladder, not yours. 
You can’t tell me what to do with what’s mine. What does it matter to you?
정숙: 내가 미워야지! 이를 갈아야지! 왜 냉큼 떼 준다고 나서!
You should hate me! You have to grit your teeth with anger! Why are you offering it without even hesitating! 

Expression of the Week
무슨 상관이야 (What does it matter to you?)

상관 – n. relate to each other, or such a relationship 
무슨 - determiner A word emphasizing the opposite meaning

Semi-polite/polite – 무슨 상관이에요

>> This expression is used to tell others not to interfere with the speaker's affairs. The speaker is trying to say it is his/her business and has nothing to do with the hearer, so don't interfere. 
>>On the other hand, it also means that I will not say anything because it's none of my business. 
>>'무슨' has been used to emphasize the opposite meaning. In this case, 무슨 상관이야(what does it matter to you?) means 아무 상관도 없다(it makes no matter). 

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