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It's Beautiful Now (2) 누워서 침 뱉기예요

#Drama Lines l 2023-08-07

경순: 얘, 시세대로  받진 않잖아. 그리고 쫓겨날 염려도 없구. 내가 그래도 이렇게          
오빠라도 떳떳이 사니까 니들이 미국에서 망하고 들어와서도 이렇게 집이라도 얻고 사는 거야. 
You're not even paying full price. And, there's no worry of getting evicted. 
At least my brother is doing alright so you have a place to stay, even if you came back from the States after going under.   
혜영: 어머니! 그거 누워서  뱉기에요. 성수 아빠가 돈을  벌어서 제가 이렇게 사는 거잖아요. 우리 애들도 그렇구요. 어머니 아들이에요.  
Mother! That's cutting off your nose to spite your face! I'm living like this because Man-ri doesn't make enough money. The children, too. It's your son. 

Expression of the Week
누워서 침 뱉기예요 (cutting off your nose to spite your face)

눕다 - v. lie down; lay oneself down; for a person or animal to lie down with the back or flank horizontally to touch a certain place
뱉다 - v. spit; to let out something that has been in one’s mouth 

 casual – 누워서 침 뱉기야 

>> This expression is an idiom used to mock someone who says or does something foolish without knowing that harm will come back to him or her. 
>>The expression literally means lying down and spitting up at the sky, which means the spit will eventually come back down on their face. In other words, the expression is used to tell others to stop saying anything or doing anything negative when they are angry because the harm will come back to them in the end.
>> A similar expression that is also used is “자기 얼굴에 침 뱉기” which means to spit on one’s own face. 

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