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It's Beautiful Now (4) 믿는 도끼에 발등 찍힌다

#Drama Lines l 2023-08-21

민호: 그럼 우리 아파트 있는 거 너 주면 좋아하겠다.
Then, they’ll like it if we give you that apartment we have. 
현재: 그건 안 되지. 공평하게 해야지. 
That wouldn’t do. It should be fair. 
민호: 넌 아빠가 너한테 뭐 시키면 어느 정도까지 할 수 있어? 
If I asked you to do something, how far would you go?
현재: 다 할 수 있어. 아빤 나한테 불합리한 걸 시킬 사람이 아니니까. 
I could do anything. You wouldn’t ask me to do anything unreasonable.
민호: (생각) 믿는 도끼에 발등 찍힌다는 걸 현재에게 보여 줘야 되겠다. 
(thinks to himself) I should show Hyun-jae what it is to be betrayed by someone he trusts

Expression of the Week
믿는 도끼에 발등 찍힌다. (be betrayed by someone you trust, be backstabbed)

믿다 (v.) to believe or trust 
도끼 (n.) ax, A hand tool used to cleave a thick tree or chop a firewood.
발등 (n.) the top of the foot
찍히다 (v.) To be struck with a bladed tool, etc., or stabbed with a sharp thing.

Semi-polite/polite – 믿는 도끼에 발등 찍힙니다 

>> This expression is a metaphorical way of saying that something you thought was going to go well turns out differently than you expected, or that someone you trusted betrays you.
>> Originally, the phrase was used to describe a situation in which a person trusts a good ax to chop or split wood, but the blade slips from the handle and has harmed the user. 
>> So, it’s become an idiom to say one shouldn't put too much faith in someone who is close, because it could hurt you or get you into trouble.

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