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It's Beautiful Now (11) 눈에서 멀어지면 마음에서 멀어진다


정자: 근데... 따로 모시면 안 되냐? 꼭 한 집에서 살아야 돼?
But… wouldn’t it be better to live separately? 
Do you really have to live in the same house?
수정: 저도 처음엔 그렇게 생각했었는데요. 어머님 모시고부터 생각이 달라 졌어요.
눈에서 멀어지면 마음에서 멀어진다고, 가까이서 어머님 모시니까 눈으로 어머님 건강도 수시로 확인하니까 안심되고 더 애틋해졌어요.
That’s what I thought at first, but my thoughts changed after living 
together with you. You know what they say, out of sight out of mind
After living with you, and checking on your health at all times, I felt relieved and my feelings for you grew. 
정자: (생각) 얘가 확실히 고단수네.
She’s a tricky one.  

Expression of the Week
눈에서 멀어지면 마음에서 멀어진다 (out of sight out of mind)
멀어지다 [v] recede, become distant, for a distance to increase 
마음 - [n] mind, a place in the human body where mental activities such as feeling and thinking occur.
semi-polite: 눈에서 멀어지면 마음에서 멀어진다고 하잖아요 

>> This expression is used to express that if you are far away from each other or do not meet often, your feelings for each other will gradually decrease and your relationship will become awkward.
>> This expression comes from the English saying “out of sight out of mind” and has been translated into Korean
>> The expression is used to say no matter how close you are, if you don't see each other often, your relationship will naturally become distant.

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