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It's Beautiful Now (12) 눈이 삐었다


수정: 너 진짜 왜 그래?
What’s wrong with you? 
미래: 안심해 엄마. 엄마가 말하는 그 변한테 옛 여친이 나타났어. 나랑 정 반대인 거 같애. 그래서 알았지. 나 같은 스타일한텐 매력을 못 느끼 겠구나.
Don’t worry, Mom. That lawyer you talked about. His old girlfriend showed up. She was the complete opposite of me. That’s how I knew. He probably wouldn’t find someone like me attractive. 
수정: 어머머, 눈이 삐었다, 우리 미래 같은 스타일에 매력 못 느끼면. 다 마음에 안 드네, 그 변.
Oh, he must be blind to find someone like you unattractive. I don’t like anything about him, that lawyer. 

Expression of the Week
눈이 삐었다 ((he) must be blind)
눈- [n] The sensory organ on the face of a person or animal that can see an object when stimulated by the light.
삐다 - [v] have a wrick in; sprain; wrench, for a joint of a part of one's body to be twisted or bent strongly and dislocated. 
semi-polite: 눈이 삐었어요 

>> This expression is used to criticize someone that has made a mistake in judgment when something is clear enough to know without having to check or experience it.
>> “삐다” is a verb used when a part of the body was twisted or sprained, causing a bone joint to become misaligned, as when you sprain your ankle or wrist. 
>>However, this expression is used to say someone’s judgment may be impaired when you see someone is making a wrong decision despite the outcome being so obvious. 

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