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It's Beautiful Now (13) 입이 방정이지


정자: 생각할수록 후회된다. 내가 왜 모셔오란 말을 했을까! 아휴, 입이 방정이지. 지금이라도 취소해?
The more I think about it, the more I regret it. Why did I tell her to bring them? Me and my big mouth! Should I cancel now? 
정자: 어, 왔냐?
Oh, are you here? 
수정: 다녀왔습니다.
I’m back. 
정자: 뭐야? 저게 다야? 와, 진짜 후회된다. 지금도 저런데 지 엄마 오면 나한테 관심이나 있겠어?
What? Is that it? Wow, I’m really regretting it. If she’s like this now, will she even care about me once her mother comes? 

Expression of the Week
입이 방정이지. (Me and my big mouth)
방정 [n] rash act, A statement or behavior that is not prudent or decent but light and thoughtless.
semi-polite: 입이 방정이지요

>> This expression is used when the speaker has already said something and regrets saying it. On the other hand, it can also be used to express disapproval of another person's behavior or words, telling them they have said something unnecessary and that they should have kept their mouth shut. 
>>  Originally, ‘방정’ is an expression that refers to words or actions that are not praiseworthy, extremely light, and disrespectful.
>>In the dialogue, Jeong-ja told Soo-jung to bring someone, but in hindsight, she is regretting telling her to do it. 

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