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It's Beautiful Now (14) 피차일반입니다


해준: 오늘 누구 만났어? 토요일이잖아. 남자친구 생겼어? 이런 말 나 물어볼 수 있다. 나도 꺼벙이 얘기했잖아.
Did you meet someone today? It’s Saturday. Do you have a boyfriend? I can ask you this now. I told you about Ggeobeong.
미래: 맞아요. 저도 일로 시작했지만 언니처럼 생각하고 있어요.
I know. Although it began as work, I think of you as an older sister now. 
해준: 언니 해 그럼. 나도 여동생 없어서 동생 생기면 좋아.
Yes, think of me as an older sister. I don’t have a younger sister either, so it’d be nice to have a younger sibling. 
미래: 언니!
Older sister! 
해준: 아, 너무 좋아. 뭔데, 동생?
Oh, that’s really nice. What is it, little sister? 
미래: 어려워요, 인생이.
Life is hard. 
해준: 피차일반입니다.
Oh, that’s the same for me

Expression of the Week
피차일반입니다. (it’s the same)
피차일반(彼此一般) [n] both the same, no difference between us, them
casua: 피차일반이지

>>This expression is used to indicate that you are in the same situation or in the same position regarding what the other person is saying.
>> Originally, in ‘피차일반’, ‘피차’ means ‘this and that’ while ‘일반’ means ‘the same state with no difference.’ So, ‘피차일반’ means that both sides are the same, and it is usually used in the form of ‘피차일반이다’ by adding ‘~이다’ to the end.
>>When looking at the context of the expression in use, it usually feels more natural when used in a negative situation, as in the dialogue. 

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