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It's Beautiful Now (17) 입이 무거워


혜영: 어떻게 삼형제가 동시에 여자가 생기냐? 근데 형님 나한테 아무 얘기 도 안해준다. 내가 옆구리 쿡 찔러야 겨우 얘기해준다니까.
How can all three of them get a girlfriend at the same time? But she won’t tell me anything. She only says something if I push her. 

만리: 뭐 그런 걸 알려 그러냐. 난 현재 여자친구 봤어.
Why do you need to know? I saw Hyun-jae’s girlfriend.

혜영: 봤어? 근데 왜 얘기 안 했어? 아무튼 쓸데없이 그런 덴 입이 무거워.
You did? Why didn’t you tell me? You’re unnecessarily good at keeping secrets

만리: 우리 카페 데리고 왔어. 현재가 많이 좋아하는 거 같아.
He brought her to our cafe. I think he likes her a lot.

Expression of the Week
무겁다 [adj] heavy, weighty / to be careful with one’s words 
semi-polite: 입이 무거워요.

>> This expression literally means that one’s mouth is heavy, so it is kept firmly shut. It is used when talking about a person who does not easily share facts, content, or thoughts that he or she knows with others.
>> “무겁다” originally means ‘heavy’, but here it means being careful with one’s words or actions
>>The opposite expression is “입이 가볍다” which literally means one has a light mouth, and is used for someone who has a habit of not being able to keep secrets they have heard from others to themselves and easily blurts them out to others.

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