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It's Beautiful Now (18) 내 말이 그 말이야


수정: 넌 회사 차려놓고 연애 생각만 하니?
You’re only thinking about dating when you’re running your own company?
미래: 같이 하고 있어.
I’m doing both.
정후: 놀러 다니기 바쁘면서 뭘 같이 하냐? 엄마, 나 누나 만나는 남자 봤 어.
How can you do both while you’re busy dating and having fun? Mom, I saw her with a man.
수정: 언제?
미래: 우리 집 뭐하는 지 보여주려고 매장 데려갔어.
I took him to the store to see what we do for a living.
수정: 좀 천천히 해. 아우, 진짜 이해가 안 돼. 지금 남자를 만나고 싶을까?
Go slow! For goodness sakes! I don’t get it. Do you want to date a guy right now?
정후: 내 말이 그 말이야.
That’s what I’m saying.

Expression of the Week
내 말이 그 말이야 (that’s what I’m saying)
말 [n] what has been (previously said)
semi-polite: 제 말이 그 말이에요

>>This expression is used to indicate what the other person said, their opinion or suggestion is exactly what you were trying to say, or that you completely agree with it. 
>> Here, “말” refers to what the other person has previously said. It’s often used in situations where one is responding to or agreeing with what the other person is saying. 
>>In the dialogue, Jung-hoo is responding to Soo-jung’s previous comment “지금 남자를 만나고 싶을까” meaning “do you want to date a guy right now” and means he also doesn’t understand why Mirae would want to see a guy right now. 

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