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#37. Geumsan Mountain in Namhae


Geumsan, which means a mountain covered in silk, is located in Namhae, at the southern end of Korea.

It's a mountain that offers a panoramic view of the stunning Hallyeosudo, a cluster of islands on the

South Sea, and 38 must-see scenic spots. Fall in love with this amazing mountain in this week's The Korea Travel Log.

A Trail Leading Up to the Geumsan Summit

Learn about various wild flowers and rare trees found on your way up to the summit.


Marvel at the fantastic views of the sea and the mountain from the watchtower at the summit.

Busoam Rock

The spectacular view of the sea seen from Busoam Rock is worth walking over the scary overpass suspended between two cliffs.

Sangsa'am Rock

The 80-meter-tall boulder is the best vantage point to admire the South Sea, Geumsan Mountain, and Boriam Temple.

Dinner at the Lodge

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