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Public Agencies Seek to Employ Interns Ahead of Winter Season

Write: 2018-10-12 16:26:00Update: 2018-10-12 17:31:23

Public Agencies Seek to Employ Interns Ahead of Winter Season

Photo : KBS News

The government is seeking to provide temporary jobs through public agencies amid sluggish job growth.
The Finance, Labor and Welfare Ministries held an emergency meeting Friday to check on policy measures and discuss employment trends after which they announced the plan.
Public agencies will hire an additional five thousand young people within this year for experience-based internships, which are temporary positions open to job-seekers mainly during school breaks.
The government will also increase the supply of jobs that cater to not only youths but also seniors ahead of the winter season when employment conditions are especially dire.
Regarding media reports that say the government is pressuring public firms to create short-term jobs, the ministries said it is the government's duty to request expanded hires with public agencies that can afford to do it during times of sluggish employment.
The government explained that it is currently discussing job measures with the ruling party and will announce them as soon as details are hammered out.

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