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Lawmaker Proposes Potential Future Use Of Old Nuclear Reactor

Write: 2018-10-12 18:43:07Update: 2018-10-12 19:15:49

A ruling party lawmaker has proposed the country’s oldest nuclear reactor be utilized for research or educational purposes. 

Representative Byun Jae-ill of the Democratic Party floated the idea during a parliamentary audit on Friday. 

He said the Kori-1 nuclear reactor is a precious research resource that holds a 40-year history of South Korea's management of nuclear power plants, pointing out there have been no sufficient discussions on its historical value or usage. 

He said studying the reactor will advance further studies on predicting the life expectancy of other nuclear plants and help the government set up measures for aging plants, while enhancing the country’s technological prowess on related components. 

The lawmaker proposed it that it could also be used as a facility to educate citizens on nuclear power. 

After achieving initial criticality  in 1977, the Kori-1 had been generating power until it was permanently shut down in June 2017.

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