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Gasoline, Diesel Prices Highest This Year

Write: 2018-10-13 14:03:41Update: 2018-10-13 14:04:19

Domestic gasoline and diesel prices have reached the highest level this year, rising by more than 15 won per liter in just one week.

The price of regular gasoline sold at gas stations nationwide rose by an average 15-point-four won to one-thousand-674-point-nine won per liter this week, the highest price recorded since late 2014.

Prices have been rising for 15 straight weeks. 

Diesel also jumped more than 16 won this week to one-thousand-477-point-nine won, inching toward the 14-hundred-80 won threshold.

The National Oil Corporation says that global oil costs have dropped in recent days but fuel prices at home will continue to increase for the time being as global price increases from the past seven weeks will continue to impact Korea.

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