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5 Koreans Reportedly Killed in Himalayan Landslide

Write: 2018-10-13 14:41:18Update: 2018-10-13 14:49:36

5 Koreans Reportedly Killed in Himalayan Landslide

Photo : KBS News

At least nine climbers, including five Korean nationals, are reported to have been killed in a massive landslide at Mt. Gurja in western Nepal.

The Himalayan Times reported on Saturday that the organizer of the expedition team said that the climbers were buried after the landslide hit their base camp.

According to AFP, a Nepalese police spokesman confirmed that a South Korean expedition was among a group of eight people killed in a snowstorm. The spokesman did not confirm the number of South Koreans killed or the details of the landslide.

The victims include Mountaineer Kim Chang-ho, the first Korean to summit the fourteen peaks above eight-thousand meters without supplemental oxygen.

The climbers were awaiting fair weather when a heavy snowstorm triggered the landslide that buried their base camp.

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