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S. Korean Hostage Freed in Libya Returns Home

Write: 2019-05-18 12:48:01Update: 2019-05-18 13:07:26

S. Korean Hostage Freed in Libya Returns Home

Photo : YONHAP News

A South Korean man who was abducted by armed forces in Libya last year returned home Saturday morning. He was held captive for 315 days.

Upon arriving at the airport, the 62-year-old surnamed Joo expressed thanks to the South Korean government and the United Arab Emirates, which helped with his release. He then headed to a hospital in Seoul for a thorough medical checkup.

In accordance with the nation's Terrorism Prevention Act, Joo will be questioned by a joint government team on his kidnapping and life in captivity.

The government said a medical checkup he received before arriving in Korea has not found any particular concerns.

His family is not known to have met him at the airport, not wishing to deal with media. 

Joo worked at a local firm in Libya that managed waterways for some 20 years. In July last year, he was taken hostage by a militant group along with three Filipinos in an area called Jabal Hassawna.

South Korea has worked for his release and he was freed Thursday local time, 315 days since taken captive. 

He stayed at the South Korean embassy in the United Arab Emirates before boarding a plane for Seoul on Friday evening.

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