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LKP Under Fire After Rejecting Deal to Normalize Parliament

Write: 2019-06-25 15:24:40Update: 2019-06-25 15:53:44

LKP Under Fire After Rejecting Deal to Normalize Parliament

Photo : YONHAP News

Anchor: The main opposition Liberty Korea Party(LKP) is under fire after it dismissed a deal reached by party floor leaders, including its own Na Kyung-won, to hold an extra session in June that would have ended a months-long impasse over legislative and procedural disagreements.
Choi You Sun has more.

Report: The ruling Democratic Party(DP) and three minor parties denounced the main opposition Liberty Korea Party(LKP) for rejecting a deal struck between party floor leaders on Monday to normalize the National Assembly.

On Tuesday, DP floor leader Lee In-young accused the LKP of violating parliamentarism, saying it chose the path of “arrogance and self-righteousness” over the path of coexistence.

Urging the main opposition to return to parliament without preconditions, Lee stressed that there won't be a renegotiation of the normalization deal.

Bareunmirae Party floor leader Oh Shin-hwan said the main opposition is solely responsible for the breakdown of the Assembly, then announced his party will suspend mediating efforts between the two major parties.

The Party for Democracy and Peace said the LKP will face voters' "stern judgment" during next year's general elections, while the Justice Party said the other four parties should proceed with parliamentary business with or without the LKP.

The four parties, who previously agreed to reopen the Assembly without the LKP, convened parliamentary committees on Tuesday with partial participation from the LKP.

Some LKP lawmakers attended a foreign affairs committee meeting to address the North Korean fishing boat that reached deep into South Korean waters undetected earlier this month.

But the science committee was boycotted altogether by the main opposition.

Meanwhile, LKP floor leader Na Kyung-won, who signed the deal, said it was agreed to in order to place it before party members for approval.

She then urged the ruling party to agree to renegotiate the deal so that pending legislation, such as the government's supplementary budget bill, can be quickly passed. 
Choi You Sun, KBS World Radio News.

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