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Survey: 1/3 Americans Support Preemptive Attack on N. Korea

Write: 2019-06-25 16:54:19Update: 2019-06-25 17:15:35

Survey: 1/3 Americans Support Preemptive Attack on N. Korea

Photo : YONHAP News

A new international survey shows that a third of Americans would support a preemptive attack against North Korea, even when a nuclear weapon is used in the attack. 

According to Newsweek on Monday, the finding was based on a joint survey by the U.S. nonprofit Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the U.K.-based research firm YouGov. 

Three-thousand Americans responded to the online survey in February, which asked their possible reactions to several scenarios in which the North resumes testing long-range nuclear missiles that can reach the U.S. 

A majority of respondents said they do not want a preemptive attack on the North, but over a third of respondents said they approved of a U.S. preventive strike across several possible scenarios. 

The conclusions led the report to conclude that "a large hawkish minority lurks within the U.S. public."

Further, responses differed little when the number of North Koreans presumed to be killed in the attack rises from 15-thousand to one-point-one million. 

A third of respondents also believe that a single attack can strip the North of its nuclear weapons, according to the survey.

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