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Top Office: N. Korea's Latest Firing 'Show of Force' Against S. Korea-US Drill

Write: 2019-08-10 11:44:28Update: 2019-08-10 15:41:36

Top Office: N. Korea's Latest Firing 'Show of Force' Against S. Korea-US Drill

Photo : KBS News

South Korea's presidential office said Saturday that North Korea's latest firing of unidentified projectiles is an apparent show of force against a joint military exercise between Seoul and Washington scheduled to begin Sunday.

The top office also believes the launch was designed to verify the capability of a newly developed short-range projectile.

The presidential office announced results of a meeting of Cabinet ministers held at 7 a.m. after North Korea fired two projectiles into the East Sea.

South Korea and the U.S. will begin their computer-based Combined Command Post Training exercise from Sunday which aims to better prepare the allies for the transfer of wartime operational control from Washington to Seoul.

The exercise, which will continue through August 20th, is to enhance their military readiness.

The presidential office said that ministers believe the projectiles were short-range ballistic missiles and that intelligence authorities in Seoul and Washington will closely analyze their exact specifications.

Cabinet ministers also said no particular military movements against South Korea have not been detected in the North, where the regime is currently holding its summer military training. But they urged Pyongyang to stop the continued launches out of concern they may raise tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The top office said the video conference meeting was attended by the national security adviser, defense minister and head of the National Intelligence Service and officials inspected the overall security situation on the peninsula following the latest firing.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said the two projectiles, presumed to be short-range ballistic missiles, were fired from near the eastern coastal city of Hamhung in South Hamgyong Province at 5:34 and 5:50 a.m.

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