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Moon Urges Japan to Respect Free Trade

Write: 2019-08-15 10:46:37Update: 2019-08-15 12:36:39

Moon Urges Japan to Respect Free Trade

Photo : YONHAP News

President Moon Jae-in has urged Japan to respect the free trade order and pursue joint prosperity with South Korea. 

The president delivered his speech on Thursday, marking the 74th anniversary of the nation's liberation from Japanese colonial occupation.

[Sound bite: President Moon Jae-in (Korean)]
"Within the international division of labor, if any country weaponizes a sector where it has a comparative advantage, the peaceful free trade order will inevitably suffer damages. A country that achieved growth first must not kick the ladder away while others are following in its footsteps."

While addressing Japan's recent retaliatory trade sanctions against Seoul, Moon said South Korea and Japan should jointly facilitate peace and prosperity in East Asia.

[Sound bite: President Moon Jae-in (Korean)]
"Better late than never: if Japan chooses the path of dialogue and cooperation, we will gladly join hands. We will strive with Japan to create an East Asia that engages in fair trade and cooperation." 

Moon stressed that the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics next year should serve as an opportunity to solidify the framework of friendship and to progress along the path toward common prosperity.

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