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Moon Calls for Solidarity in G20 Video Conference Summit

Write: 2020-03-26 23:35:43Update: 2020-03-27 09:42:30

Moon Calls for Solidarity in G20 Video Conference Summit

Photo : YONHAP News

Anchor: President Moon Jae-in has called for an international alliance in the online summit of G20 major economies arranged to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. He also proposed that member countries share quarantine experiences and clinical data, as well as allow travel of essential workforce. 
Moon Gwang-lip has more. 
Report: South Korea has yet to find relief from COVID-19 but is gradually becoming stabilized.   
That is how President Moon Jae-in described the situation of his country during the special Group of 20(G20) summit via video conference held on Thursday night, Korea time.  
Moon credited the improvement to preemptive and transparent quarantine measures as well as voluntary and democratic public participation. 
He said Seoul is willing to share such experiences with the international community. 

According to presidential spokesperson Kang Min-seok, Moon also said that G20 member states should share COVID-19 quarantine experiences and clinical data, as well as join forces to develop treatments and vaccines.
Sharing his country’s experiences, the South Korean leader mentioned several successful measures, including swift development of diagnostic reagents, drive-thru testing and developing mobile apps for self-quarantine. 
Moon said the country also maximized the efficiency of quarantine through special entry procedures while minimizing restrictions on people’s movement. 
He also came up with a proposal to overcome the virus-triggered economic crisis. 
Introducing 132 trillion won in expansionary macroeconomic policies drafted by his administration, Moon emphasized the need for bold fiscal policies to fight the pandemic.  
He also emphasized that in order to minimize the virus’ negative impact on the global economy, it is important to maintain essential economic exchanges across borders. 

In that regard, President Moon proposed that the G20 leaders explore measures that would allow scientists, doctors, business people and other essential personnel to travel as long as it doesn’t disrupt a county’s quarantine measures.
Noting the G20’s experience in overcoming the 2008 global financial crisis, Moon called for solidarity in overcoming the latest challenges. 
Moon Gwang-lip, KBS World Radio News.

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