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How are your dreams?



Hello, I have an random TMI thought I wanted to share in the slight hope we might get a discussion going on the board or maybe the OFD staff has some comments.

Since my sleep schedule is normalized lately after working overnight for months, I am reminded how I’ve always been lucky to wake up with detailed recall of dreams that were vivid and interesting. I am often amazed that my own brain can surprise itself with immersive twists that require “me” to adapt and think through it.

I spend a lot of time with Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre shows and games, so my subconscious has a full toolbox to pull ideas from. I used to tell my ex all about my latest sleep adventure in the mornings and she thought it was crazy and always told me I should be publishing stories with that creativity.

I can deny the claims that you will always wake up from a falling dream, or dying in dream is bad for real. I have dreamt I died a few different ways and always woke up later. Sometimes it all just shifts to 3rd person and the plot moves to a new character mid-dream. I have woke up from one dream only to be in another new dream. Inception actually felt very accessible to me when I saw it.

I am often late getting up because the alarm going off is just a distant distraction from a dream goal I believe is important and true until I have hit snooze a few times.

Disappointingly, despite following suggestions for it, I have never had a lucid dream. Every time I think “Hey this is a dream! I can try to……” I wake up that instant.

It can’t be that rare. Anybody else have an interesting dream life or influence over what they dream about?


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