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Sad reflections



I’ve never been great at finding words that don’t sound hollow at times like this, but I do often empathize with the individuals involved and imagine their experiences as the event unfolded. I can only suggest using caution when entering an area considering how fast and strong crowds can turn having witnessed examples.

I’m about 190cm tall so I can see over most crowds and about 130kg and not likely to get pushed around. I only mention this to say I have been in situations where my size and mass did not matter one bit, like when a wave of people surged away from a lot of pepper spray in an enclosed space. Even though I could see it coming and braced my arms around the short girl I was with, we just collapsed back as the collective force came across and moved us meters in seconds with legs trying to stay untangled below. Luckily doors were op ^ened and we all got out to fresh air quickly. She certainly told me how much worse it was with her face being down well below the average height. I can only imagine based on that event how bad it must have been for all those people in a sustained press to the point where it caused fatalities.

I’ve been in enough packed concerts to know that individuals will always act with varying consideration for fellow humans, but I have become wary of what happens when panic sets in and never get in the dense parts of any crowd any more and also make sure I know the exits. 

I wish people would keep at least a little distance for personal space and safety, but some people always seem to want to squeeze in or push through.


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