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Hello from Blackpink’s area



I followed the little devil on my shoulder and headed up to Chicago to see Blackpink planning to grab a last minute ticket. It was the best of trips, it was the worst of trips :)

On the morning of the concert I had a new allergy sinus problem, additional funds hadn’t transferred, and ticket prices weren’t going down at all. It was near freezing as the temperature dropped from summer to winter overnight, I forget my jacket, and was going to be walking and waiting outside a lot.

But I didn’t drive up just to miss my chance right? I used an option to buy the cheapest floor ticket split over payments, took some medicine, layered a couple shirts up, and bought a cheap hoodie on the way.

This where my luck turned: When I arrived early I followed others inside just to get warm, and was admitted to VIP entry from my randomly picked ticket while others were turned away and they put me in queue!

The girl next to me was by herself at her first concert and super chatty then the people around us joined in and we just all clicked and talked nonstop right up until the show. Every time I am solo, I always hope to get a discussion going like this by making conversation but this time the ball really got rolling.

The show was a solid performance with many stage effects, but a bit short compared to other concerts. None of could believe how close we ended up after finding a good spot early on. We saw all the members close up within a few meters. The crowd up there wasn’t too bad. I believe Jisoo can make anything more fun with her personality and I choose to believe I got a reaction from her.  The best part was having new friends to react with.

Luck shift again: even layering my new concert Ts on myself, I was still shocked by the literally freezing cold wind walking and waiting on the subway. On the drive home I was feeling pretty sick and there was snow along the way after I had left my house in shorts just two days earlier! Resting up today


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