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Law Professor to Spearhead Moon's Prosecution Reform

Law Professor to Spearhead Moon's Prosecution Reform

Anchor: President Moon Jae-in has named law professor Cho Kuk to spearhead his campaign to reform the nation's prosecution. While placing the reform-minded legal scholar in the position traditionally taken by former prosecutors, the new president is aiming to cut the undue ties between investigative authorities and politicians and businesses.
Our Kim In-kyung has more.
Report: President Moon Jae-in is moving quickly to keep his pledge to overhaul the nation's prosecution.
Moon's Chief of Staff Im Jong-seok announced Thursday that the president named Cho Kuk, a Seoul National University law professor, as his senior secretary for civil affairs.
The position had been traditionally headed by former prosecutors. The job requires overseeing the presidential office's coordination with state intelligence, audit and inspection agencies, police, prosecution and tax service.
The main duties of the civil affairs secretary also include detecting corruption by the president's family and aides, and screening candidates for key posts.
Cho's appointment comes on the back of growing calls by the public to reform the prosecution, widely criticized for its ties with politicians and businesses.
The previous civil affairs secretary, under the Park Geun-hye administration, is accused of abuse of power by obstructing the prosecution's investigation and is currently facing trial.
Moon's civil affairs secretary is expected to focus on institutional reforms such as establishing an independent probe agency specifically designed to investigate high-ranking government officials, including senior prosecutors. The reform plan is likely to include handing over some of the prosecution's investigative power to the police.
Other appointments to key posts at the presidential office on Thursday displayed Moon's determination to form a diverse government.
Yoon Young-chan, an executive at South Korean Web portal giant Naver before he joined Moon's campaign, was named senior secretary for public affairs. Like the prime minister nominee and Chief of Staff Im, Yoon hails from the Jeolla provinces, long considered neglected under conservative governments.
Cho Hyun-ock, a visiting politics professor at Ewha Womans University, was tapped as chief secretary for personnel affairs. She is the first woman to be nominated for the post since the South Korean government was established. 
Kim In-kyung, KBS World Radio News. 

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