Special Video

"Worin cheongangjigok: Songs of the Moon's Reflection on 1,000 Rivers"
is the first Hangeul print book and love letter that
King Sejong wrote in remembrance of his Queen Soheon which led to

The 2022 KBS WORLD Radio's Hangeul Day Special,
"Talking About Peace & Love in Korean feat. Worin cheongangjigok"

King Sejong the Great traveled through time to pay us a visit in 2022?!
Going against competitors from 51 countries around the world
at a ratio that went as high as 76 to one, six finalists worthy to be called
the descendents of Sejong are here to meet him!

"Are they really foreigners?!" From Korean folk songs
to the latest Korean MZ generation trends,
these finalists seem to know it all!

Let's go to the scene that was
full of laughter and fun, as well as moving moments,
where there was even a surreal fan meeting for King Sejong
that was accomplished through the metaverse!

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