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N. Korea's Population Projected to Exceed 25.5 Million in 2019


North Korea's total population is projected to grow slightly this year to some 25-point-five million, according to U.S. Census data.

The U.S. Census Bureau announced its latest worldwide population estimates in honor of the UN’s World Population Day on Thursday.

The bureau’s data peg the North’s 2019 population at 25-point-513 million, slightly higher than 2018’s estimate of 25-point-381 million.

North Korea’s population is projected to grow to 26-point-240 million in 2025.

The data also suggests that North Korea's fertility rate in 2019 is one-point-nine, significantly higher than South Korea which averaged a point-98 fertility rate last year according to Seoul.

North Korea's crude birth rate estimate is estimated at 15 births per one-thousand people, which compares with South Korea's own estimate of six-point-four per one-thousand people.

The bureau says the average life expectancy of a North Korean is 71, while South Koreans can expect to live until 83, on average.

It also said that the mortality rate of North Korean newborns is 21 per one-thousand, which is seven times higher than that of South Korean babies.

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