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Kia Tops 300,000 in Sales in US Market

Kia Tops 300,000 in Sales in US Market

Kia Motors has sold more than 300-thousand units in the United States for the first time since entering that market 14 years ago.

Kia Motors America announced Thursday that it sold 305-thousand-473 units in the North American region in 2007. The Korean automaker has topped the 300-thousand mark for the first time since it began sales in the U.S. in 1994.

Kia cars sold well despite high global oil prices and the slow U.S. economy. Its sporty subcompact car, the Rio, saw its sales increase more than 17 percent while sales of its sport-utility vehicle, the Sportage, climbed 33 percent.

Kia plans to unveil its new midsize SUV --- the Kia Borrego --- at the Detroit Motor Show 2008 next weekend.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor said it sold a record of more than 467-thousand cars last year, up two-and-a-half percent from 2006.

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