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Court to Rule on Probe into Pres.-elect

Court to Rule on Probe into Pres.-elect

The Constitutional Court will likely rule before the end of this week petitions seeking to thwart an independent investigation bill on President-elect Lee Myung-bak.

The court in a general council meeting Sunday agreed to rule on two cases related to the bill at the earliest date possible. One bill says the bill passed by the National Assembly violates the Constitution, while the other is urging the bill from being implemented.

The decision to speed the process probably came after the judges decided ruling on the issue once an investigation is launched is meaninless.

The court is expected to approve the suit seeking to halt the investigation first. If it does, this will stop the creation of an independent investigation team looking into stock fraud allegations surrounding President-elect Lee.

His reported involvement in the scandal stirred up a debate during the presidential election last month, but prosecutors cleared him of the allegations.

A few days after Lee was elected president, however, lawmakers passed a bill on an independent probe into the matter, which was later approved by the Cabinet.

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