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Activists Urge Permanent Residency for NKs in China

Activists Urge Permanent Residency for NKs in China

A human rights activist group has called on Seoul to prompt China to grant permanent residency to North Korean defectors in China.

In a letter to President Lee Myung-bak, the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Coalition Inc. cited that Liaoning Province’s Huanren Manchu Autonomous County was recently found to have granted permanent residency to two North Korean women escapees last year.

The coalition said a survey conducted during a visit to China in 2006 found that at least some 15-thousand North Korean women escapees have married Chinese men in the northeastern province of Jilin. Of that total, around 80 percent were found to have children.

However, the coalition said because the women are illegal aliens, their children cannot have their names listed on the family register. The coalition added that when such women are forcibly repatriated to the North, their children are left behind as orphans in China.

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