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US to Watch NK's Decision on Verification Plan

US to Watch NK's Decision on Verification Plan

The United States says it will closely watch what decision North Korea makes on proposed plans to verify its nuclear declaration.

State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters Thursday that the key to moving forward in the six-way nuclear talks is building trust, and that an important component of that is being able to verify the North’s declaration.

On top U.S. nuclear negotiator Christopher Hill’s plan to stay another day in Pyongyang, McCormack said Washington had been notified of the extended stay. McCormack said Hill didn’t provide anything that could be considered a full report given the communications issues.

McCormack also said that Hill was not going to Pyongyang with any new proposals regarding the substance of a verification regime. However, he was quick to raise the possibility of flexibility on the “choreography” of coming up with a verification plan.

After having extended his stay in Pyongyang for another day, Hill is scheduled to arrive in Seoul on Friday and visit China on Saturday.

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