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China, Russia Oppose New NK Sanctions

China, Russia Oppose New NK Sanctions

The U.N. Security Council has yet to reach an agreement on a resolution against North Korea's nuclear test due to different views on sanctions among participating countries.

The five permanent members --- the U.S., China, Russia, Britain and France --- held a working-level meeting with South Korea and Japan on Friday.

A U.N. diplomat said there has been no progress in the meeting, expecting the countries to meet again to iron out differences early next week.

The council’s members have reportedly agreed that a new resolution should condemn the North’s nuclear test and swiftly implement sanctions specified in U.N. Resolution 1718, as proposed by the U.S. and Japan. Resolution 1718 was adopted by the U.N. following the North’s first nuclear test in October of 2006.

However, China and Russia’s opposition to new sanctions are preventing the council from reaching a final agreement.

In addition, China and Russia are reportedly strongly opposed to Washington and Tokyo’s proposal to permit the use of force when enforcing the sanctions.

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