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Parties Mixed on Labor Agreement

Parties Mixed on Labor Agreement

The ruling Grand National Party (GNP) has welcomed the three-way agreement between labor, management and government on long-disputed issues related to labor unions.

The GNP says that the agreement properly reflects the stances of all three sides and that party opinions will be gathered in a meeting Monday, after which follow-ups, such as revising related laws, will be devised.

The main opposition Democratic Party (DP), however, has stated their staunch opposition to the agreement. The DP accused the leaders of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions of disregarding the voice of the entire labor sector by colluding with management and government to approve the agreement.

The DP says it will work to have the issue of wages for full-time union workers independently decided between labor and management officials without government interference.

The progressive Democratic Labor Party says the agreement was pushed through without the participation of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and is therefore invalid.

The conservative minor Liberty Forward Party, for the most part, is welcoming the tripartite agreement.

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