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UN Adopts N. Korea Human Rights Report


The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a report that contains 262 recommendations on improving human rights conditions in North Korea.

The council adopted the report during its 42nd session held in Geneva Friday after listening to what North Korea had to say about the Universal Periodic Review which had inspected overall rights conditions in the seclusive regime earlier in May.

Of the 262 recommendations, North Korea refused to accept 130 of them which for instance called for fair trials in the country and a resolution to the issues of abductees and South Korean POWs held in the North.

North Korean ambassador to the UN Han Dae-song said it's regrettable that some countries have a misunderstanding about his country and asserted that North Korea protects the human rights of all its residents.

The North said it will review whether to accept 132 other recommendations advised by the UN council, including on protecting rights for people with disabilities and cooperating with South Korea on the issue of separated families.

The Universal Periodic Review is a process involving review of human rights records of all UN member nations conducted every five years.

This year marks the third time North Korea's record has been reviewed following deliberations in 2009 and 2014.

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