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Two Accomplices of 'Baksabang' Operator Apprehended

Two Accomplices of 'Baksabang' Operator Apprehended

Two out of three suspects accused of creating sexually exploitative videos of women and minors and distributing them in the so-called Baksabang chat room have been rounded up.

A police official said Thursday that two of the accomplices of chat room operator Cho Joo-bin have been apprehended and their mobile phones are being forensically analyzed.

Investigators are also trying to identify the other remaining accomplice. 

Cho's lawyer said Wednesday the Baksabang chat room on the Telegram messenger service was jointly run by Cho and three other individuals whose online nicknames have been disclosed.

A police source said a legal team is reviewing whether charges under the criminal code related to the creation of a criminal organization can be applied to Cho and his accomplices, adding that talks with the prosecution are also necessary.

The police are also cooperating with foreign counterparts to confirm the location of Telegram's head office.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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