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N. Korean Troops Spotted on Duty on Front Line with Fixed Bayonets


South Korea’s military has observed North Korean soldiers on duty with fixed bayonets in some parts of the front line. 

A military official said Thursday that North Korean soldiers often had been spotted donning helmets and uniforms but without fixed bayonets. He said the latest development implies the North has bolstered its state of readiness along the inter-Korean frontier.  

However, the official was quick to add that the South’s military has not detected any movements related to threats against the South made by the North’s General Staff on Wednesday.

The official’s remarks come a day after the North’s General Staff announced that it was elevating the state of readiness of its front line troops to "top class combat duty." 

The General Staff had also vowed to take four military actions against the South -- deploying troops to Mount Geumgang and Gaeseong; restoring guard posts previously removed from the Demilitarized Zone(DMZ); reinforcing artillery units along the front line and scattering anti-South Korea leaflets across the border.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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