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Pompeo: US Hopes for 'Serious Conversation' with N. Korea

Pompeo: US Hopes for 'Serious Conversation' with N. Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reaffirmed on Thursday that the U.S. hopes for the resumption of a serious conversation with North Korea for the complete denuclearization and a bright future of the communist country.

Pompeo also expressed hope that the U.S. can help North Korea get humanitarian assistance, noting the North has faced a number of challenges including economic difficulties and the risk of COVID-19.

According to a transcript of his interview with Fox News released by the State Department, Pompeo then said the U.S. hopes it can have another "serious conversation" to convince North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that the best thing to do for the people of North Korea is to fully denuclearize and that will lead to a brighter future. 

Asked about rumors about Kim's health, Pompeo said he has seen related reports and the intelligence, but he can't comment on it. 

He said the first summit between President Donald Trump and Kim in June 2018 came to be realized after he found the North Korean leader to be willing to engage in negotiations in his trip to Pyongyang.

[Photo : KBS News]

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