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Moon Says Pyongyang Joint Declaration Must be Fulfilled

Moon Says Pyongyang Joint Declaration Must be Fulfilled

President Moon Jae-in said Saturday that he hopes the inter-Korean clock will tick again.

In a social media post marking the second anniversary of the Pyongyang Joint Declaration made with North Korea, Moon recalled his historic speech made in front of 150-thousand Pyongyang citizens at May Day Stadium in the North Korean capital two years ago.

He said he received fervent applause and remembers that time vividly, but went on to say the "clock" has stopped.

Referring to a military agreement the two Koreas struck during the September 2018 summit, Moon said the Panmunjeom truce village has been demilitarized, Korean War remains were excavated and there has not been a single armed clash between the South and North, calling it valuable progress.

He thanked the public and the international community saying that without their hope and support, such accomplishments would not have been possible.

President Moon said the summit deal not being able to be swiftly implemented is due to a failure to move beyond internal and external restraints. Nonetheless he emphasized that the summit agreement must be implemented without fail.

He said that historically, a seed sown is bound to bear fruit.

Moon said seeds sown in Pyongyang, at Panmunjeom and during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics must grow into large trees.

[Photo : KBS]

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