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N. Korean Media Emphasize Border, Coastal Blockade for Quarantine

N. Korean Media Emphasize Border, Coastal Blockade for Quarantine

North Korean state media has emphasized that the country is blockading border and coastal areas as COVID-19 quarantine measures, instead of reporting on the fatal shooting of a South Korean government worker perpetrated by North Korean troops.

The Korean Central News Agency said Saturday aggressive emergency quarantine measures were continuing in all areas to proactively deal with the infectious disease and that borders and coastal regions were blockaded.

The report said a stern guidance system was being established to prevent government officials from making the slightest mistake.

A North Korean radio station has also urged aggressive quarantine measures.

The Korean Central Broadcasting Station said the country is taking the initiative in the quarantine battle to thoroughly cut off all areas where virus penetration is possible.

Early this year, North Korea closed its borders with China in the early days of the pandemic. In August, it also created a buffer zone near the border blockade line and is known to have ordered that people and animals entering the area are shot.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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