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N. Korea Blasts State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation

N. Korea Blasts State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation

North Korea has lashed out at the United States after the UN General Assembly Sixth Committee designated the North as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) on Saturday reported remarks made by a North Korean representative during the Sixth Committee meeting held Tuesday.

The official criticized certain countries for labeling others as terrorism sponsors at their own will and for exerting pressure and sanctions.

The official claimed these countries were also bent on overthrowing regimes and were supporting anti-government terrorist groups.

The representative said the fight against terrorism must never be misused to achieve the political goals of certain countries and forces, and urged that a global counter-terrorism convention include provisions that can stop such countries from violating other nations' sovereign rights.

The North Korean official went on to reportedly say that state-sponsored terrorism aimed at regime transfer of another country is the most serious of all terrorist acts and also violates the UN Charter and international laws on the principle of not interfering in domestic affairs.

Though North Korea did not specifically mention the U.S. by name, the remarks are viewed as targeting America as Washington has Pyongyang on its state sponsors of terrorism list.

The State Department first included the North on the list in 1988. It was delisted in 2008 and reinstated in 2017.

[Photo : YONHAP News]

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