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On the snowAlpine Skiing

  • Major events schedule
    Feb. 11 Men's Downhill
    Feb. 12 Women's Giant Slalom
    Feb. 13 Men's Alpine Combined
    Feb. 14 Women's Slalom
    Feb. 15 Men’s Super-G
    Feb. 17 Women’s Super-G
    Feb. 18 Men’s Giant Slalom
    Feb. 21 Women’s Downhill
    Feb. 22 Men’s Slalom
    Feb. 23 Women’s Alpine Combined
    Feb. 24 Alpine Team Event
  • Athletes
    Gim So-hui, Jung Dong-hyun, Kang Young-seo, Kim Dong-woo

Alpine Skiing

A discipline where athletes compete for speed and skills
while sliding down snow-covered slopes on skis with fixed heel bindings

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