Sport Disciplines

On the snowSnowboard

  • Major events schedule
    Feb. 11 Men’s Slopestyle
    Feb. 12 Women’s Slopestyle
    Feb. 13 Women’s Halfpipe
    Feb. 14 Men’s Halfpipe
    Feb. 15 Men’s Snowboard Cross
    Feb. 16 Women’s Snowboard Cross
    Feb. 23 Women’s Big Air
    Feb. 24 Men’s Big Air, Women’s and Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom
  • Athletes
    hoi Bo-gun, Jeong Hae-rim, Kim Ho-un, kim Sang-kyum, Kweon Lee-jun, Kwon Sun-oo, Lee kwang-ki, Lee Min-sik, Lee Sang-ho, Shin Da-hae
  • Lee Sang-ho
    Lee Sang-ho


A discipline where athletes perform aerial acrobatic movements while speeding down a slope on a board attached to their feet

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