Pres. Moon Encourages N. Korean Athletes at PyeongChang Paralympics


President Moon Jae-in offered encouragement to North Korean athletes and officials participating in the PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games. 

After watching a cross-country skiing sprint from the Alpensia Biathlon Center in PyeongChang on Wednesday, Moon met with two North Korean para Nordic skiers competing in the event, Ma Yu-chol and Kim Jong-hyon. 

According to presidential spokeswoman Ko Min-jung, the president greeted them and thanked them for doing their best, adding his belief that they will continuously excel in the sport. 

Moon also asked them their thoughts on competing in the event hosted by South Korea and expressed hope that South Korean athletes will also be able to participate in sporting events to be held in the North in the future. 

The North Korean officials thanked Moon for his hospitality toward them. In return, Moon said he wishes the two Koreas will further their sports exchanges. 

North Korea has sent a 24-member delegation, including the two athletes, to compete at the PyeongChang Paralympics.  
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