Top 10 Round

Who do you think is the best among the TOP 10?
Who will be able to reach the TOP 3 and win a chance to visit Korea? Cast your votes!

※ Voters will have a chance to win souvenirs by draw.
   (Draw Winners will be announced on September 1.)
※ Winners will be selected by two criteria: the videos 'number of views + judges' evaluation.

Interview : KBS 유지철 아나운서

  • Devi Satriadewi
  • Jacobi Hollingshed
  • Maryam Ahmadi Jeshvaghane
  • Samuel Gendreau
  • Vincent Kreusel
  • Fleur Chua
  • Klaudia Tomala
  • Richard Benitez
  • Ngoc Yen, Nguyen
  • Haifa Naseeb