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S. Korea Asks N. Korea about Date of Fall Concert in Seoul
2018-07-16 Updated.
Seoul has asked Pyongyang to confirm the date of a concert by North Korean performers in Seoul that was proposed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in April.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said in a press briefing on Monday that it made the inquiry as it is important to finalize a date for the performance, and preparations will begin as soon as North Korea gives a response.

Regarding the possibility of holding a second inter-Korean summit along with the performance, the ministry projected the two events will take place as they were agreed between the two Korean leaders. 

After watching South Korean singers perform in Pyongyang in April for the "Spring Comes" concert, North Korean leader Kim proposed to South Korea's culture minister that another concert by the North’s performers be held in Seoul in the fall titled "Autumn Has Come."